Mix Terminology

Definitions for commonly used terminology

Butterfat / Milkfat

The percentage of dairy fat contained in the mix. A 10% butterfat mix for example, contains 10 pounds of milkfat per 100 pounds of mix. Richness of the product and price will normally increase as the butterfat increases.

Buttering Out

If a high butterfat product such as ice cream or custard is agitated excessively in the freezing cylinder, the product may get yellow flecks of butter. The result is a coarse, grainy product that has an unattractive appearance.

Custard / Frozen Custard

A semi-frozen/soft product of 10% or higher butterfat content. Includes egg yolk solids, milk solids, sugar, and stabilizer.


A product used in mix to promote the mixing of fat and water. Emulsifiers increase the stability of overrun and allow the mix to hold air.

Frozen Carbonated Beverage / FCB

A carbonated (similar to soda) frozen beverage comprised mostly of artificial flavors and water. Typically dispense with overrun levels between 80-100%

Frozen Un-Carbonated Beverage / FUB

A non-Carbonated frozen beverage comprised of juices or artificial fruit based flavors and water. Typically dispensed at 26-28 degrees with less than 12% overrun.


An Italian word for ice cream. Typically, gelato has 5-7% butterfat with an overrun of approximately 20-30%. Flavors are stronger, natural with more varieties to choose from and lower production temperatures.

Hard Pack

A frozen dessert that is manufactured in a batch freezer, dispensed into a container and
then frozen to approximately minus 20 degrees below zero. dipped after tempering back to 0 degrees.

Gourmet Ice Cream

A dairy product that contains 10% or more butterfat.

Ice Milk / Soft Serve

A dairy product that contains less than 10% butterfat.

Italian Ice

A non-dairy sherbet. A blend of corn syrup or sugar, citrus juice gums and stabilizer.


As soft serve mix is frozen, air is introduced into the mix to increase finished product volume. Overrun is the percentage of volume increase. For example, 50% overrun means that 1 gallon of liquid mix becomes 1-1/2 gallons of finished product after air is introduced.

Re - run

Frozen product that has been removed from the machine for the purpose of allowing it to thaw for reuse (most commonly acquired while cleaning the machine). Re-run should be added back to the hopper the following day at a proportion of 50% fresh mix to 50% re-run mix (note that 100% fresh mix should be used when starting the machine in the morning).


A frozen dairy drink that is normally served at 26 - 28 degrees and at a consistency that allows the customer to consume the product through a straw.


A frozen dairy product containing 0-2% butterfat typically served at a 30-40% overrun level.


A non-dairy fruit based product, typically served at a 10-20% overrun level.


Are added to mix to keep the size of the ice crystals to a minimum.


A cultured product derived from milk, containing sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and flavoring ingredients (usually 0-2% fat). Typically served at 18-21 degrees with a 45% to 60% overrun level.