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What is Sherbet?

Definition: Sherbet must contain an average of 1 to 2%, milk fat and 2 to 5% total milk solids. Sherbet is a low overrun product (30-40%) with minimum requirements for fruit by weight: 2% for citrus fruit; 6% for berry fruit; and 10% for other fruit.

What is SherbertSherbet is a dairy-based product that contains much of the same vitamins and minerals as ice cream products. Sherbet’s difference is its inclusion of fruit juices and flavors, which give sherbet its unique icier texture and fresh flavor.

Sherbet’s fruit content also provides the consumer higher vitamin C content. Despite these added flavor ingredients, sherbet contains no more calories than ice cream products, largely due to very low milk fat.

Sherbets are fruity alternatives to ice cream– they’re a change of pace with an icy, fresh taste.