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What is a Sorbet?

Definition: Sorbet is not defined in the national standard, but is considered a water ice.

What is SorbetWater ice contains no milk solids, but like sherbet, must contain a minimum of 2% by weight of citrus fruit, 6% berry fruit, and 10% other fruits. Over run in water ices usually runs 20-35%.

Sorbet, also known as “Italian Ice” or “Sorbetto” is as profitable and appealing as its premium ice cream counterparts. Yet, sorbet is not dairy-based. Rather, it’s based on a very inexpensive ingredient: water. Sorbet has long been a favorite in Europe. With its flavor derived from fruit, sorbet has a very clean, fresh taste. The fruitiness and iciness of sorbet is now making it a popular dessert and specialty frozen treat in the U.S. The water, fruit and sugar composition is simple, yet leaves a cornucopia of flavor possibilities. Even though sorbet’s ingredients are inexpensive this product can command a high price.